Contractors and their teams are constantly seeking ways to reduce labour costs and save time on the jobsite without compromising on quality or safety. Hewson Brothers is excited to now be carrying Metaltech Inc., a leader in innovative scaffolding solutions.

Available at both our Brantford and Cambridge yards, Metaltech’s products are designed to streamline workflows and ensure the highest levels of safety for workers.

Exterior Scaffolding: Robust Solutions for Complex Projects

Metaltech’s exterior scaffolding systems and accessories are built to help make your work easier and safer. Safety is key when working in heights. Quality control, testing procedures, precision of the welding process, correct installation are key when assembling a scaffold structure to minimize liability and worker risk of injury.

Our SaferStack® design brings safety to another level by nesting each frame into one another when stacked for storage and transport by locking them one onto another. Our scaffolding systems meet or exceed OSHA, ANSI and CSA requirements.

Here’s how these systems can save time and reduce labour costs on your jobsite:

Quick and Easy Assembly

Metaltech’s exterior scaffolding systems feature intuitive designs that allow for rapid assembly and disassembly. This ease of use translates to significant time savings. Workers can set up and take down scaffolding quickly, which means more time can be spent on actual construction tasks rather than on scaffolding.

Enhanced Safety Features

Safety is a top priority on any construction site, and Metaltech’s exterior scaffolding systems are equipped with a range of safety features. Guardrails, non-slip platforms, and secure locking mechanisms ensure that workers are protected while working at heights. These features not only prevent accidents but also contribute to a more efficient workflow, as workers can focus on their tasks without constant concern for their safety.

Modular Design

The modular nature of Metaltech’s scaffolding allows for versatile configurations that can be tailored to the specific needs of each project. Whether you’re dealing with uneven ground, complex building facades, or restricted spaces, Metaltech’s scaffolding can be adapted to fit. This flexibility reduces the need for custom-built solutions.

Portable Scaffolding: Versatile and Convenient

For interior tasks that require frequent relocation of scaffolding, Metaltech’s portable scaffolding solutions are an ideal choice. These systems are designed to be lightweight, providing the perfect balance between mobility and stability.

Ease of Mobility

Portable scaffolding from Metaltech is equipped with casters that allow for easy movement across different areas of a jobsite. This mobility is particularly beneficial for where scaffolding needs to be frequently repositioned. By reducing the time and effort required to move scaffolding, labour costs are significantly lowered.

Compact and Lightweight Design

The compact and lightweight design of Metaltech’s portable scaffolding makes it easy to transport and store. This is especially useful for contractors who need to move equipment between different sites or within tight spaces. The reduced physical strain on workers also means fewer injuries and less downtime, contributing to overall cost savings.

Safety and Stability

Despite their portability, Metaltech’s scaffolding systems do not compromise on safety. Features such as locking wheels, stabilizing outriggers, and secure platform supports ensure that the scaffolding remains stable during use. This stability allows workers to perform their tasks more efficiently and confidently, knowing that their work environment is secure.

Comprehensive Product Availability at Hewson Brothers Building Supply

Hewson Brothers Building Supply is proud to offer the full range of Metaltech products at both our Brantford and Cambridge locations. Our knowledgeable staff at both locations are well-versed and can assist contractors in selecting the right products for their specific needs.

Time and labour costs are critical factors that can significantly impact the success of a project. Metaltech Inc. provides innovative scaffolding solutions that help contractors save time, reduce labour costs, and enhance safety on the jobsite. Investing in Metaltech’s exterior and portable scaffolding systems is a strategic decision that offers long-term benefits. With robust designs, ease of use, and superior safety features, these scaffolding solutions are an invaluable asset for any construction project.