Hewson Brothers Building Supply is proud of our long-time partnership with Affiliated Distributors (AD) Canada! As members, we’re part of a dynamic, $70 billion community of independent distributors and best-in-class manufacturers. This membership brings substantial benefits to our customers and cements our position as a major player in the building materials space across Southern Ontario.

Unmatched Local Service with Global Strength

Being an independent distributor means we are locally owned and operated, allowing us to offer the highest level of personal attention. Our decision-making process is swift and we stand by our commitments, ensuring reliable service for our customers. Despite our local roots, our membership in a $70 billion buying group gives us the financial stability and capacity to handle virtually any volume of orders. This combination of local dedication and global strength means we provide exceptional value and competitive pricing.

Investing in the Local Economy

Purchasing from independent AD distributors like us ensures that revenue circulates back into the local economy. This reinvestment leads to further local development, creating a positive economic cycle that benefits everyone in the community. Our commitment to the area goes beyond business; it’s about fostering growth and prosperity in the cities we work and live in across Southern Ontario. We also encourage our community through a number of sponsorships and events throughout the year.

Access to Innovative Solutions

Our AD membership grants us access to best-in-class manufacturers, enabling us to offer the most innovative solutions tailored to what you are REALLY looking for. Staying ahead of the curve on the latest technology is crucial, and through our close alliances with leading manufacturers, we can provide our customers with the next generation of products as soon as they become available.

Expertise and Training for Success

Our association with AD ensures that our team receives the latest product training and stays updated on industry standards. This ongoing education translates into a knowledgeable sales force with technical expertise, ready to ensure the success of your projects. From product recommendations to technical support, our team is equipped to handle all your building supply needs.

Leading the Industry

Collectively, AD members surpass national chains, outpace overall industry growth, and are leaders in supporting brands and introducing new products to the market. Our alignment with AD means we are part of a network that drives innovation and growth, enhancing our ability to offer top-tier products and services.

Mutual Success Through Partnership

Our partnership with Affiliated Distributors (AD) Canada not only strengthens our capabilities but also directly benefits our customers. From financial stability and innovative product access to expert service and local economic investment, our AD membership makes us a formidable force in the building materials industry across Southern Ontario. We are committed to leveraging these advantages to provide exceptional service and value to our customers, ensuring long-term success and growth for everyone involved.