As we’re gearing up for spring, it’s time to talk about something crucial for construction in Ontario…

Soprema XPS Insulation!

Especially for big commercial and industrial buildings, getting the right insulation isn’t just about staying warm in winter; it’s about saving energy and keeping everyone comfy, all year round. That’s where Soprema’s XPS insulation products come into play, offering top-notch thermal protection and durability for new foundations and outer walls.

Why Insulation Matters:

Ontario’s weather can be all over the place – freezing winters, scorching summers – you name it. Good insulation keeps the indoor temps just right, cuts down on energy bills, and makes everyone happy. Plus, it keeps the building strong by keeping out moisture and preventing heat loss over time.

Cool Solutions For Spring Insulation

Soprema’s XPS insulation products are like the superheroes of insulation – tough, reliable, and ready for anything Ontario throws at them.


SOPRA-XPS 30 is a thermal insulation board made of rigid extruded polystyrene with shiplap or square edges on its four sides. It is composed of closed cell foam. It is mainly used as a thermal insulation for SOPREMA foundation walls systems and under concrete slabs where the applied loads do not exceed 30 psi. Compliant with CAN/ULC S701.1 Type 4.


SOPRA-XPS 40 is a rigid thermal insulation board made of high-density extruded polystyrene with squared edges on its four sides. It is composed of closed cell foam. SOPRA-XPS 40 is designed for applications requiring high-density insulation on which heavy loads will be applied. It is mainly used for SOPREMA foundation systems under slabs, protected-membrane roofing systems (inverted), parking decks, and plaza decks. Compliant with CAN/ULC S701.1, Type 4.

  • A New Eco-Friendlier Formula (GWP of 1).
  • Up to 70% recycled and recovered content for the entire product line.


SOPRA-ISO V PLUS is a closed-cell polyisocyanurate foam insulation board laminated with a nonreflective glass-mat facer on both sides. It is used as thermal insulation in SOPREMA’s wall systems.

As we get ready to tackle spring projects, remember: good insulation isn’t just a luxury – it’s a smart investment. With Soprema’s XPS insulation, you’re not just keeping things cozy; you’re setting your building up for success, no matter what Ontario’s weather throws your way.