In the fast-paced construction industry, efficiency and time-saving solutions are paramount to meet project deadlines and maximize productivity. Bailey Metal Products, a leading steel manufacturer, has introduced a game-changing innovation called RedHeader Pro. This revolutionary product has significantly enhanced labor savings, transforming the way headers are installed in framing applications. Read this article to learn more about Labor Savings with RedHeader Pro!

RedHeader Pro is a pre-fabricated header assembly that replaces the conventional method of cutting and assembling headers on-site. By streamlining the installation process, this innovative product dramatically reduces labor hours. With the traditional approach, framing crews would spend valuable time measuring, cutting, and fitting multiple components together. However, with RedHeader Pro, the header arrives on-site ready to install, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual assembly. As a result, contractors can redirect their efforts toward other critical tasks, expediting the overall construction process.

BAILEY® RedHeader PRO™
cuts your labour time in half

Building professionals require a solution that eliminates the labour intensive and expensive field assembly of rough opening components using standard wall framing members.

The new BAILEY® RedHeader PRO™ cuts on-site labour by up to 50% by reducing the number of wall framing components required to frame windows and doors. The superior strength to weight ratio of the new system means higher performance with fewer components. The BAILEY® RedHeader PRO™ one-piece header and jamb replaces conventional boxed headers and built-up jambs which require multiple studs, tracks and screws.

BAILEY® RedHeader PRO™ Rough Opening System consists of three components:

  • Header
  • Jamb stud
  • Header bracket


  • Exterior curtain wall headers and jambs
  • Interior non-load bearing headers and jambs


  • Fasten the RedHeader PRO™ header bracket to the jamb stud at header location with 4 screws using the pre-punched screw holes
  • Slide the header into the header bracket and fasten it to the bracket with 4 screws