This year on June 9th, 2024, Waterloo Park will show off our community’s solidarity and support as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) hosts its annual Walk to Cure Diabetes. Among the many teams participating, “Team Ty” will have our attention as we rally behind a cause that hits close to home for one of our own.

The journey of “Team Ty” began with Ty’s sudden diagnosis at the beginning of March. Throwing his dad, Jason Church, and his family for an unexpected loop. The diagnosis: Type 1 Diabetes. In a matter of moments, Tyler’s world changed. Instead of chilling with friends and playing hockey during his March break, Tyler had to dive headfirst into learning about his new routine and how to manage his diabetes.

But here’s the thing – Tyler’s not alone. Not by a long shot.

His family, friends, and his hockey team have all shown incredible support for the Church family, and we can’t help but be inspired by it too!

Tyler’s journey in the last few weeks has been nothing short of remarkable. From learning to adapt to a new routine to mastering the intricacies of insulin administration multiple times a day, Tyler has shown remarkable resilience and optimism. He’s also VERY passionate about using his situation to advocate for other kids like himself. Kids that will keep playing sports they love, hanging with friends, and kids that use their hand in life to make the world a little bit better for other people.

However, the battle is far from over. Tyler, like millions of others worldwide, is now insulin-dependent for life, or until a cure is found. This is where the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes comes into play. By participating in this event and raising funds, we not only celebrate Tyler’s great outlook but also contribute to vital research aimed at finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

The team at Hewson Brothers is calling upon the community to join us in this noble cause. Whether through participation in the walk, making a donation, or spreading awareness, every contribution counts. Together, we can make a difference – not just for Tyler and his family, but for countless others who face similar challenges.

So mark your calendars for June 9th and come on down to Waterloo Park. Let’s walk, let’s have fun, and let’s show diabetes who’s boss!