Moisture is a serious threat of any construction project, capable of causing costly damages for the future of the home or building. To protect your buildings against this serious risk, builders rely on vapour and water barriers. They form an important line of protection, shielding structures from the detrimental effects of moisture infiltration. In this article, we’ll explore reliable solutions offered by leading brands in the industry, including Prosoco, Soprema, Huber, and Georgia-Pacific.

Understanding the Threat

Before exploring the solutions, it’s important to understand the threat posed by moisture. Water vapour can penetrate building materials through diffusion, capillary action, or air movement. This leads to issues such as mold growth, wood rot, corrosion, and compromised structural integrity. Moreover, water intrusion can diminish indoor air quality and undermine the comfort and health of occupants. Integrating effective vapour and water barriers into construction projects is required in order to ensure longevity, durability, and occupant well-being.

Prosoco R-Guard

Prosoco offers a comprehensive range of air and water barrier solutions designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. Proven to withstand extreme weather conditions, PROSOCO R-Guard air & water barrier-protected buildings are more durable, resilient and sustainable. These barriers create a seamless envelope, effectively blocking moisture ingress while allowing vapour to escape. This prevents condensation buildup within wall assemblies.


SOPREMA specializes in the production of innovative products for waterproofing, insulation, soundproofing and vegetated solutions. Their Sopraseal self-adhered membranes offer exceptional adhesion and flexibility, ensuring a durable seal over a wide range of substrates. Additionally, Soprema’s liquid-applied waterproofing membranes provide seamless coverage, eliminating potential weak points where water could penetrate. With Soprema’s solutions, builders can confidently safeguard their structures from moisture-related damages.

Soprema Wall Assembly

Huber’s Zip System

Huber Engineered Woods revolutionized the construction industry with its Zip System, an integrated sheathing and water-resistive barrier solution. The Zip System incorporates a high-performance structural panel with built-in water-resistive barrier technology. This solution simplifies the installation process and enhancing moisture protection. This system not only strengthens the building envelope but also improves construction efficiency, making it a preferred choice for builders.

Georgia-Pacific’s DensGlass Sheathing System

Georgia-Pacific’s DensGlass Sheathing System represents a groundbreaking approach to moisture management in building enclosures. This system combines gypsum sheathing with a proprietary vapor-permeable water-resistive barrier, providing unparalleled moisture protection and air tightness. By integrating these two essential components into a single, cohesive system, Georgia-Pacific offers builders a reliable solution that simplifies installation and enhances performance. The DensGlass Sheathing System is engineered to withstand the rigors of construction while effectively shielding structures from moisture infiltration. With Georgia-Pacific’s cutting-edge technology, builders can confidently construct resilient buildings that excel in moisture defense and longevity.

When working in construction, defending against moisture infiltration is non-negotiable. Vapour and water barriers play a pivotal role in safeguarding buildings against the detrimental effects of moisture, ensuring longevity, durability, and occupant comfort. By leveraging reliable solutions from industry-leading brands such as Prosoco, Soprema, Huber, and Georgia-Pacific, builders can construct resilient structures that stand the test of time. With a robust moisture defense strategy in place, construction projects can thrive in any environment, weathering the storms of nature with confidence and resilience.