Elevate Sustainability and Cost-Savings with the The 10” BAFL™ Advantage by Fräsch

In the world of sustainable interior architecture, every decision contributes to a greener future. The 10” BAFL™ Advantage by Fräsch includes the Plus and Blade BAFL™ series. These stand out as revolutionary choices, providing both sustainability benefits and acoustic excellence. By making the switch from 12-inch baffles to the Fräsch 10-inch models, you not only lower your carbon footprint but also save significantly on costs.

At the heart of the Fräsch 10” BAFLs is a commitment to sustainability.

Composed of 9mm PET with an impressive 55% post-consumer recycled content, these baffles embody eco-conscious design. The Russian Birch Plywood used in their construction ensures durability.

Quick Compare: 10in vs. 12in

20’x20’x10’/480 SF


  • 12” baffles: 1.53 RT
  • 10” baffles: 1.53 RT


  • 12” baffles: 28
  • 10” baffles: 30


30% savings when purchasing 10” baffles over 12” baffles

Environmental Impact:

10” baffles contribute little to no waste to landfills

One of the key design features of the 10” BAFL™ Advantage is the incorporation of center airgaps, optimizing acoustic performance. In a direct comparison of reverberation times (RT), the 10” baffles showcase an equal 1.53 RT when compared to their 12-inch counterparts.

When it comes to quantity, the Fräsch 10” BAFLs offer a numerical advantage. With 30 baffles in a set, compared to the 28 in the 12” series, you not only cover more space but also achieve enhanced acoustic control.

Beyond the sustainability and acoustic advantages, the Fräsch 10” BAFLs present a compelling economic case. A 30% savings when purchasing the 10-inch baffles over their 12-inch counterparts makes sustainability an affordable choice. This cost-effectiveness aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly solutions that do not compromise on quality or financial viability.

In conclusion, the The 10” BAFL™ Advantage by Fräsch is a game-changer in sustainable interior architecture. By choosing these innovative baffles, you contribute to a greener planet, create an acoustically superior environment, and enjoy substantial cost savings. Make the sustainable switch and redefine your interior spaces with Fräsch.

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