Discover top-quality building material supplies at Hewson Bro. Building Supply – your go-to source for everything construction. Explore a wide range of products that go beyond drywall finishing – because we’re Not Just Drywall. Elevate your projects with our unmatched selection and expertise.

Our relationship with local general contactors and drywallers is based on over 40 years of award-winning building supply. We have supplied numerous developments in the area through our local drywall sub-trade partners. We service multi-unit high residential, commercial, institutional, and recreational projects.

Although we are primarily known for Division 9 drywall and acoustical ceiling supply, we also deliver a wide variety of products for several Division 7 applications.

Our experienced delivery team is focused on providing safe and efficient service to your jobsite. Our GPS tracked fleet allows us to communicate with our drivers and pass along real time information to our customers, keeping them informed. Delivery drivers are fully trained and certified to meet all Ministry Health and Safety requirements.



STEEL from companies such as BAILEY METAL and SIMPSON STRONG TIE

  • Custom Length Items, Special Bends and Z-Bar
  • Structural Steel Stud and Track
  • Clips and Fasteners

EXTERIOR WALL BOARDS for multiple applications

  • Glass-Mat Sheathing Panels
  • Plywood and OSB
  • Zip System

Rigid and Semi-rigid INSULATIONS from leading manufacturers such as ROCKWOOL, SOPREMA and JOHNS MANVILLE

  • XPS & EPS
  • PolyIso
  • Cavity Rock
  • Curtainrock
  • Rockboard
  • ROXUL Safe

AIR & VAPOUR Barrier Membranes from SOPREMA and PROSOCO

  • Self-Adhesive Membranes & Primers
  • Liquid Applied Membranes & Flashings
  • Window Flashing Tapes & Sealants

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ACCESS DOORS for Ceiling and Walls

  • Fire Rated, Vandal Resistant and Roof Mounted

SPECIALTY Wall Products

  • FRP, Trusscore, Security Mesh, Sheet Lead and
    many others.

FIRE SEALANTS and Caulking from STI FIRE STOP including:

  • Joint and Penetration Sealants & Sprays
  • Smoke and Acoustical Sealants & Sprays
  • Fire Tapes & Gaskets

Please contact your local sales representative for more information on these products or to inquire about something you don’t see here. With our vast network of vendor partners, we can source almost anything on the wall or ceiling, in the building or outside of it.

Our sales team is happy to help connect you with the right product. Simply contact us with your wishlist and we’ll see how we can help!