Accent Ceilings? YES, PLEASE! 🙌

Check out this gorgeous 35' custom kitchen ceiling with some seriously impressive curves by the team at @klassdrywall using @trimtex_drywall and @circlebrandtools 👏👏👏

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We're missing a few lovely faces here, but we're excited to wish all the fantastic women in this industry a Happy International Women's Day!

In an industry where women only make up about 12% of the workforce, we're proud to smash that statistic with almost 50% of our core office team being women💪

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Did you know our very own @jasonchurch_hbbs volunteers with @bep_wr to help educate youth in grades 7 - 12 across the Waterloo Region?

Today, he focused on Health and Safety in the workplace, across multiple industries. Our team is always focused on maintaining our own high standards of workplace safety, and we love seeing that passion shared with the next generation of the workforce🎉

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Happy Valentines Day! May your moves today be as smooth as your favourite drywallers👌 ...

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We could go on about this for DAYS! #Ontario offers more than 140 different #SkilledTrades programs, and by 2026 it's projected that 1 in 5 job openings will be in the trades. Not only is 85-90% of an apprenticeship PAID on-the-job training, but skilled tradesmen (& #Tradeswomen!) will ALWAYS be needed. Say hello to job security and a #LivingWage🙌

#NormalizeTheTrades #endskilledtradestigma #womenintrades #tradesschool

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History has value! This training clip from the 1950s reminds us that there has always been an artform in this industry! The tools and products may change through the years, but talented installers never go out of style👌

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It's OK to not be OK 💙 More than 1 in 2 people struggling with their mental health aren't getting the help they need.

There are lots of great local supports across Southern Ontario. We encourage you to reach out to them or to your friends and family if you or someone you love is struggling.

#bellletstalk #mentalhealthawareness #camh #canadianmentalhealthassociation #mentalhealth

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Check this exterior insulated concrete #wallassembly using @sopremacanada

This detail creates an #efficient wall assembly by pairing a self-adhesive air/vapour barrier with extruded polystyrene thermal insulation panels.


Check out our newest article to see how these three #SOPREMA products come together to create this exterior #continuousinsulation wall.

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Looks like we should add some puppy bandanas to our uniform selection for our furrier team members🐕

#constructiondog #dogsofinstagram #dogswithjobs

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We're so excited to see what 2023 brings to the table! We hope everyone had a fantastic night ringing it in🎉

Here's to a productive and inspiring year!

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Happy Snow Day!

Our holidays are off to a blustery start! Please note, our offices will be closing today at 12pm and then will reopen Monday January 2nd!

We wish you all a Happy Holiday Season and a productive New Year!

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It's been such a great few weeks! Our food drive supporting @cambfoodbank and @brantfordfoodbank is coming to a close today and we couldn't be prouder of our industry for how they showed up for our community!

Way to go everyone! Winners of our $500 tool raffle will be drawn today, so stay tuned! 🎄

#cambridgefoodbank #brantfordfoodbank #cambridgeon #brantfordon #constructionlife #drywallnation

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Last minute shopping? We've got your covered! 🎄

Both of our locations offer a wide range of tools and supplies for the talents builder in your life!

Check out some of our great brands:
@nelatoolsuk @columbiatools @mirkacanada @circlebrandtools and many others!

#cambridgeon #brantfordon #buildingsupply #drywalltools #drywallnation

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Grateful for @sopremacanada and today's donation to our local food drive initiative! 🥫

Don't forget we still have a few weeks to get your donations in to support @cambfoodbank and @brantfordfoodbank

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