As Canadians, we have some pretty great traditions and activities that come out when the snow does! At Hewson Brothers, we get especially excited about our backyard ice rinks & pick up hockey games!

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be bringing back Ice Rink Poly (polyethylene films) for your DIY Ice Rinks!

Manufactured by Polytarp Products, these durable polyethylene liners come in a variety of sizes to best suit your plans!

Sizes Available:

24′ X 50′
32′ X 50′
40′ X 50′
32′ X 100′
40′ X 100′
50′ X 100′
64’ x 150’

Tips for Building Your DIY Ice Rink

Find the Right Spot

There are four things you should look for when choosing a spot for your backyard ice rink.

  • Flat space
  • Not over the septic or drain field
  • Adequate lighting (or the ability to light it)
  • Reachable by hose or near a water source.

Bigger is Better!

If you have the space for it, a larger rink creates a lot more space for free skating and the classic pick up hockey game!

Check for Slants and Slopes

Knowing where your water line will be is super important! Make sure to back fill if necessary for a smooth, level rink.

Put Down the Liner When You’re Ready to Fill!

You’ll need a durable high poly liner underneath the backyard ice rink. To avoid debris and unwanted leaves in your ice, wait until you’re ready to fill before placing your ice rink poly.

Want more tips on building the perfect DIY Ice rink? Check out this article by the Family Handyman for more tips.

Want to learn how you can start building your own DIY Ice Rink? Or do you already have your plans and just need the durable ice rink poly liner to get started? We’ve got you covered, simply contact us and let us know how we can help!