Maximize Efficiency & Safety with Metaltech’s Scaffolding Systems

Contractors and their teams are constantly seeking ways to reduce labour costs and save time on the jobsite without compromising on quality or safety. Hewson Brothers is excited to now be carrying Metaltech Inc., a leader in innovative scaffolding solutions. Available at both our Brantford and Cambridge yards, Metaltech’s products are designed to streamline [...]

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Soprema XPS Insulation for Commercial and Industrial Projects in Ontario

As we're gearing up for spring, it's time to talk about something crucial for construction in Ontario... Soprema XPS Insulation! Especially for big commercial and industrial buildings, getting the right insulation isn't just about staying warm in winter; it's about saving energy and keeping everyone comfy, all year round. That's where Soprema's XPS insulation [...]

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Spring Cleaning with Prosoco Hard Surface Cleaners

Time to treat your masonry projects to some spring cleaning with Prosoco Hard Surface Cleaners. Embrace the season of renewal by incorporating Prosoco Hard Surface Cleaners into your spring cleaning routine. With a range of specialized products designed for various applications, Prosoco ensures your masonry projects receive the care they need to look their [...]

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Modular & Tiny Home Assemblies at the Tiny Home Show

Hewson Brothers Building Supply, a leading provider of complete and highly efficient wall assemblies, is thrilled to announce its participation in this year's Tiny Home Show. The event, known for showcasing the latest trends and innovations in the tiny home industry, will take place at the Ancaster Fairgrounds between July 12th and [...]

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Building Supplies for Modular & Tiny Homes

In the realm of modular and tiny home construction, the selection of building supplies plays a pivotal role in determining the longevity, energy efficiency, and overall quality of the final product. Hewson Brothers Building Supply, with its unwavering commitment to excellence, stands as a trusted partner for builders and homeowners alike, offering a comprehensive [...]

Not Just Drywall

Discover top-quality building material supplies at Hewson Bro. Building Supply – your go-to source for everything construction. Explore a wide range of products that go beyond drywall finishing – because we're Not Just Drywall. Elevate your projects with our unmatched selection and expertise. Our relationship with local general contactors and drywallers [...]

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Air & Water Barriers from PROSOCO

Build A Better Building Envelope with Air & Water Barriers from PROSOCO Proven to withstand extreme weather conditions, Air & Water Barriers from PROSOCO R-Guard builds more durable, resilient and sustainable buildings. LEAKS HAPPEN HERE All components in a wall assembly must work together as a system. That's why we [...]

Exterior and Interior Wall Assembly Solutions

You may know us for DRYWALL & CEILINGS but we also carry a wide variety of high performance exterior and interior WALL ASSEMBLY SOLUTIONS What is a Wall Assembly? The wall assembly consists of a system of components that fulfill the support, control, and finish function of the building [...]

How Does Insulation Work in Your Building?

How Does Insulation Work in Your Building? Insulation, whether installed in the interior or exterior of your building envelope, works by resisting the flow of heat. Efficient insulation slows heat flow, so the heating and cooling system in your home will require less operation to maintain your desired temperature, saving you money. [...]

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Start 2023 with Nature-Inspired Colors from Armstrong Ceilings

Armstrong Ceilings has recently introduced 24 standard nature-inspired designer colors available across a variety of product lines. The new color palette captures the natural beauty of outdoor environments inspiring biophilic design and enhancing indoor environmental quality. The new additions feature neutrals, brighter colors, and deeper shades. All of the new [...]

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