Hewson Brothers Supply Limited Brantford

The origins of Hewson Brothers Building Supply can be traced back to the early 1900’s. Founder, George Hewson started Hewson & Potter Plastering in Brantford, Ontario. After several years of success and growth, the name was changed to Hewson & Son in 1946 when George’s son Leonard joined the company. After years of working on the contracting side of the business, the decision was made in 1983 to move into Distribution and Hewson Brothers Supply Limited was established. The success of this company continued on through the years as each generation of Hewson owners have evolved the business to meet the needs of the market through expertise in plastering, contracting and supply.

Now, a fourth generation family owned company, Hewson Brothers Supply has developed into a leading interior finishing distribution company with an extensive fleet of service trucks and expertise knowledge of the construction industry. Hewson Brothers has a broad contractor customer base and is capable of servicing both large and small construction projects. From multi-story high rise buildings to residential drywall companies, Hewson Brothers can do it all.

Hewson Brothers Supply Brantford

The history of Prestige Acoustics Limited follows a similar path. The company started in 1967 as an interior finishing and acoustics contractor servicing projects across Ontario. In 1987 a decision was made to move from contracting to Distribution. That decision turned out to be a great one. Throughout the last 20 plus years, Prestige Acoustics has evolved into a leading acoustical and construction materials supplier in the Kitchener / Waterloo area. Prestige Acoustics has developed a strong brand recognition as the place to find unique products and more importantly, knowledgeable advice. The company has remained focused on offering top notch service and an extensive range of products to solve the greatest interior finishing challenges.

In 2013, Hewson Brothers Supply acquired Prestige Acoustics. The goal was to merge two distinct companies into a single enterprise utilizing the individual strengths of each to provide a wider variety of services to their respective markets. With strong brand recognition in both Brantford and Waterloo, both companies kept their heritage names.

Hewson Brothers Supply Limited Brantford OntarioWhen an acquisition was first discussed, the owners realized a partnership would make perfect sense. Both companies were members of the TORBSA buying group, as well as, Armstrong Commercial Ceilings and Walls dealers. TORBSA consists of 28 member companies reaching across Canada. This group purchasing power allows members to buy at the competitive prices their customers desire. Armstrong is the leading acoustical ceilings and walls manufacturer in North America and offers an extensive line of mineral fiber, fiberglass, wood and metal solutions. These pre-existing vendor partnerships not only made the acquisition seamless, it help would the companies offer only the highest quality products to today’s Architects, Contractors and Building Owners.

Prestige Acoustics Limited WaterlooWhat does this mean for you? Although the names may be different, we are focused on providing a unified service to our customers. Together, with our expanded service and product availability, we offer a one stop shop for all your supply needs regardless of your project size and location. With a combined delivery fleet, expanded vendor partnerships and years of both construction and acoustical expertise, we can provide a level of service that know one else can.